Brussels October 12 Seminar

LuxHedge is pleased to invite you to its next Alternative UCITS seminar in Brussels.

“Alternative UCITS, an asset class on its own”

Date: Thursday, October 12, 2017

Time: 9am – 2pm (lunch included)

Location: Bluepoint Brussels

Address: Bd A. Reyers Ln 80, 1030 Brussels

“Diversification is the only free lunch in Finance.”
– Harry Markowitz

All investors realize the need to diversify and build robust portfolios that withstand the sell-offs to come, using products that are regulated and liquid. This is precisely what Alternative UCITS funds have to offer. They are designed as portfolio “shock absorbers” during periods of stress and focus on genuine diversification by delivering absolute returns, de-correlated from equity and fixed income markets. Historically restricted to a small privileged audience, a broad range of Alternative strategies is now widely available in a regulated, liquid UCITS form. LuxHedge is the specialist data provider and knowledge center in this fast growing market. On this event for professional investors, 4 alternative fund managers will present their story, their approach to generate added value and their investment strategies that deliver absolute returns.

Founded in 1998, ERAAM Investment Solutions aims to optimise risk-adjusted returns that de-correlate from the markets and offer a real alternative to traditional investments. ERAAM does not believe in stable alpha and is convinced that 70% of alpha is now accessible at a very low cost. ERAAM manages about $500 million across hedge funds and risk premia.


ERAAM Premia Fund 
The Eraam Premia fund invests globally in all asset classes and all regions. The portfolio aims to harvest all attractive, robust, liquid Risk Premia. The selected Risk Premia are either directional (“Market Beta”, “Long Term Trend Following”) or Relative Value (“Value”, “Defensive”, Momentum”, “Short Term Reversal”, “Implied Volatility”). The strategies are actively managed. The portfolio seeks to mitigate risk by strategy diversification and multi-level risk management, through a proprietary model.

Since DNCA was set up in 2000, it has pursued a European conviction-driven approach to investing, bringing together experienced professionals to deliver conservative growth solutions for private and institutional investors. For more than 15 years, DNCA has rigorously created and managed highly effective and internationally recognised investment strategies with a strong focus on minimising risk.


DNCA Equity Long/Short Europe funds
The Absolute return funds range is made up of four funds: DNCA Invest Miura, DNCA Invest Miuri, DNCA Invest Velador and DNCA Invest Venasquo. These are European funds (large and medium cap stocks), with a simple and transparent investment approach. DNCA avoids complex or leveraged products. Each investor profile can find an Absolute return fund that matches its degree of aversion to risk. Nevertheless, in line with DNCA Finance’s asset management philosophy, all funds aim to achieve significantly lower volatility than the equity market.

Schroders is an independent, dedicated asset manager with a strong heritage and culture based on over 200 years’ experience of investment markets. Their overriding objective is to maximise returns for our clients. Schroders has a stable ownership structure and benefits from a strong balance sheet. Its global business has been rated with ‘Highest Standards’, by the independent ratings agency Fitch. With substantial in-house resources, Schroders manages 467.3 bn assets on behalf of institutional and retail investors, financial institutions and high net worth clients from around the world.


Schroder GAIA Indus PacifiChoice
Schroder GAIA Indus PacifiChoice, part of the Schroder GAIA alternative UCITS platform, aims to deliver high-risk adjusted returns while preserving capital during difficult market periods. The fund invests in equities and equity-related securities in the Asia Pacific region, including Japan, Greater China, Australia and India. The fund primarily targets large-cap companies that have been significantly mispriced. Schroders partners with Indus Capital Partners, to offer access to this Asian equity long/short strategy.

BMO Global Asset Management is the asset management arm of BMO (Bank of Montreal). Our aim is to provide high quality investment solutions through our investment centres in London, Chicago, Toronto and Hong Kong, together with those in our suite of specialist investment boutiques.


BMO Global Absolute return bond fund
Record low bond yields, concerns around “ Extraordinary monetary policy changes and the potential for inflation to rise are causing investors to look beyond traditional index based products for their fixed income portfolio. Absolute return bond fixed income strategies can provide a robust solution. We aim to deliver a cash plus return irrespective of the point in the business cycle. Our strategy is designed to provide a solution to investors looking for greater certainty of outcome in today’s low-yield environment.