Steady gains across most Alternative strategies

Alternative UCITS continue on their path of steady gains, with the LuxHedge Global Index advancing +0.27% in September, 1.60% YTD. The heterogeneity of different funds in the universe remains very large with a largest fund return  at +9.25% and a worst return of -7.20% last month. Roughly two-thirds of Alternative UCITS funds posted positive results in September.

Performance was led by Equity Hedge funds with the LuxHedge Equity Long/Short Europe UCITS index gaining +1.12% (+3.12% YTD) and the LuxHedge Equity Long/Short Global Index advancing +0.66% (YTD +4.49%). In line with the trend that started beginning of the year, Equity Long/Short funds focussed on Asia have outperformed all other alternative strategies: +1.71% in September, bringing YTD gains for the Index to 20.22%. After a very good first and second quarter, Event Driven & Merger Arbitrage funds are flat since a few months, with September performance coming in at -0.03%, +4.19% YTD.

After rebounding in August, CTA strategies struggled again in September with the LuxHedge CTA & Managed Futures UCITS index losing -1.25% (YTD -3.41%). Also here there’s a large dispersion between  funds, ranging from -4.81% to +3.06%. Discretionary macro funds performed considerably better last month with the LuxHedge Global Macro UCITS Index gaining +0.55%.

In line with results of previous months, Fixed Income Arbitrage and Multi Strategy funds continued to perform relatively flat in September: Fixed Income Arbitrage UCITS +0.26% (+1.60% YTD) and Multi Strategy UCITS +0.19% (+0.69% YTD).

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