LuxHedge appoints Tim Vanvaerenbergh as new CEO

LuxHedge appoints Tim Vanvaerenbergh as new CEO

We are proud to announce the appointment of Tim Vanvaerenbergh as the new CEO of LuxHedge, our financial technology and investment advisory boutique that is specialized in Alternative UCITS funds and fund selection.

Tim has a background in both mathematical physics and quantitative finance, with a focus on hedge fund trading strategies and the valuation of derivatives and structured products. Prior to his new appointment, he was internationally active as a leader of product strategy, development and product marketing for Philips TV’s worldwide. We feel that Tim’s strong quant finance knowledge combined with extensive business experience in the technology sector will be great assets to LuxHedge going forward.

Looking towards 2017, LuxHedge will focus on 3 priorities:

  • A clear focus on serving our Institutional clients: Our foundation is our expertise in the Alternative UCITS space. We will continue to invest in market intelligence and the development of our advanced financial engineering solutions to select the best Alternative UCITS funds. We are using this foundation today to advise Institutional clients like pension funds, insurance companies and private banks and this will continue to be our number one priority going forward.
  • Technology investments: In 2017 we will significantly step up our game with investments in infrastructure and operational setup. On the Back End side, our database switches towards the latest state of the art in terms of storage and security with a new interface to simplify reporting of fund managers into our database. On the Front End, we are creating a new LuxHedge website with an innovative application to query our fund database. This will allow all database subscribers to create more insightful and visually appealing analyses.
  • Communication & Sharing our knowledge: We will be communicating more regularly in 2017 via the website, newsletter and our LuxHedge LinkedIn channel. Our content will share insights into the Alternative UCITS funds and will consist of research, market analyses, articles on latest fund selection methodologies and more.

We are also pleased to announce that LuxHedge is planning several Alternative UCITS events across Europe in 2017. These will be a great moment for us to meet, chat, exchange ideas and offers a perfect opportunity for fund managers and institutional investors to connect.

We are all looking forward to a great year with many changes to come and would encourage you to stay tuned for further announcements!


Kind regards,

Benedict Peeters & Christophe Pecoraro

Board members LuxHedge